How Can We Help You?

See Something, Say Something, Stop Bullying NowWe take bullying seriously here.  Have you seen someone being bullied? Have you been bullied yourself? Are you worried about a friend? Provide the details of what’s going on in section two and we’ll see how we can help!

If you have seen something you think we should know about, please answer the questions below to see how to proceed.

What IS bullying, you ask?  Bullying is…..

  1. An imbalance of power. 
    For example: a non-disabled student to a disabled student, or a older/bigger student to a smaller/younger student, etc.
    Do you feel there has been an imbalance of power?  Yes or No
  2. Repeated behaviors over a period of time.
    Has this behavior happened three or more times?  Yes or No
  3. NOT a friendship issue, horse-playing, peer conflict, or normal teasing.
    Has the behavior been unwanted, aggressive that was intended to hurt or harm? Yes or No
  4. If you answered yes to all three…. please proceed to section 2 to complete the form.   If you answered no to any, please contact your school administration for assistance.

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